Raleigh Paint Contractor or Broker

As a Raleigh paint contractor, I’ve noticed over the past several years a new trend that is becoming more popular in the painting business, and I’m sure, as a Raleigh home owner, you are noticing this trend, as well.  When obtaining a painting estimate, now you are more than likely  to have a well-dressed salesman show up to your door to write the estimate and if the paint job is awarded to that company, you will probably have a subcontract painting crew show up to do the actual work.  These types of painting companies have learned how to become much like a broker. And with so many illegal workers in North Carolina, they have learned how to take advantage of this situation by paying lower labor rates and reaping the profits while staying competitive with other painting companies.  Here’s an example of what I am talking about.  Let’s say you receive a quote from one of these painting companies to paint the exterior of your home and the quote comes in at $3,500 in materials and labor.  Another painting contractor that pays his crew by the hour and is also on the job working with his crew gives you a quote that comes in at $3,800.  What decision would you make on these two quotes?  You would probably pick the $3,500 bid.  But keep in mind that with this decision, you get what you pay for.  How much money will the salesman make and how much money will the actual working crew make?  Let’s say that the labor is worth $3,000 to $3,200 on your home and the sub-crew was only paid $2,000 to do the work.  You probably received a $2,000 paint job for $3,500.  It only takes a little common sense to figure this out.  So when receiving your next interior or exterior painting estimate, you may want to ask some simple questions like “Are all of your workers legal?” “Are you paying sub-contract labor or an hourly rate?” and also, “Will the owner of the business be on site to help ensure a quality paint job?”  Remember, and I’ll say again, you get what you pay for.