Raleigh painters and summer time painting

Summer time can be a tough time of the year for paint contractors. We have to deal with so many elements pertaining to the weather while painting the exterior of any home. First of all, there is the heat. In Raleigh NC, the temperatures can well exceed 100 degrees with extremely high humidity. We also have to deal with those dreaded pop up thunderstorms. Raleigh painters have to be part paint contractor and part weather man to know when to apply paint on the exterior of a home this time of year. It can be very stressful on a painting contractor to figure out when to paint and how much to paint depending on the weather forecast for any particular day. The main concern for us as Raleigh painters is to know when to stop painting for the day. Also, there are different factors that have to be weighed out to make that decision, such as when the rain is being predicted for that particular day which may or may not happen, the humidity levels, the amount of wind blowing, and also the type of paint being applied, whether it’s a flat, satin, or gloss. Obviously applying these types of paint on a hot, humid day affects the speed in which paint will begin to set up and dry. Once paint is being applied, the paint contractor now has to determine how fast the paint is drying, and he also has to know how dry the material needs to be in order to withstand a pop up thunder storm. These are all questions a professional contractor will ask himself when painting during the summer months in order to produce a quality product in the end. Some days, we are only able to paint one side of the house a day depending on the rain threat. Rain is definitely a big factor in the summer months and needs to be carefully considered during each exterior painting project.