Painting Your Garage Floor

Have you ever thought about painting your garage floor? Well it’s not as complicated as you might think. The average home owner should have no problem completing this task. All you need is a little patience and time. There are many color options out there for epoxy floor coatings so pick one and let’s get started. The first thing you need to do is obviously clean the floor well. Sweep and vacuum the floor making sure to clean out corners and cracks. After this step is finished, its time to etch the floor. Muriatic acid is generally used for this step. Wet the entire floor with a garden hose then mix the etching solution in a five gallon plastic bucket. Mix the solution with water according to manufacture specifications. Make sure to wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Clean small areas at a time using a stiff push broom. Scrub the floor in two different directions. After you have scrubbed the floor rinse with a garden hose until the water looks clean. Let floor dry thoroughly before starting the next step. The next step will be to prepare the epoxy paint that you have chosen. Just follow manufactures directions. You will need to stir the material extremely well then add the hardener. Mix well and let stand for about a half hour, allowing time for the chemicals to react to each other. Now it’s time to apply the epoxy. With a paint brush, cut in the entire floor going around the wall perimeter and any areas the roller will not paint. You will need to work as fast as possible. You only have about two hours of working time before the epoxy hardens. As you begin to roll the floor, start at its farthest point from your exit. Roll small sections at a time (10 x 10) areas keeping a wet edge at all times to help prevent lap marks. Every time you finish a (10 x 10) area, sprinkle the color flakes on, much like spreading grass seed. Apply to the desired look. Now it’s time for the clear hardener. Mix well and let stand for about a half hour. After this time has passed, stir again and apply the anti-skid granules. Mix well and begin the top coat process. Cut in the perimeter just like before and then begin the rolling process only this time you will need to roll in two different directions. Roll in one direction and then perpendicular to the first direction. This material will look milky when first applied but will dry clear. Make sure to allow adequate drying time. You should be able to walk on it after 24 hours but allow at least 4 days before parking your car on it.