House Painting Preparation and Work Procedures

Exterior House Painting Preparation

Power washing

One of the first and most important things to do prior to any prep or house painting job is to wash the house.  It is important to get rid of all mildew, algae, and dirt from all surfaces before painting the house.  At Carolina Spectrum Painting, we use a gentle mix of go green biodegradable solution followed by a clean water rinse. We also strip and seal or stain decks as well as pressure clean concrete, sidewalks, and driveways.

Exterior Home Preparation

During the exterior house painting preparation procedure before house painting, we actually inspect every square inch of all of the exterior surfaces: boxing, siding, trim, etc.  During this time, we cut out any loose caulk and re-caulk as well as any cracks or joints.  we also putty any empty nail holes.  These steps are very important to do correctly in order to prevent water infiltration that will cause water damage or rotting wood.  We also scrape sand and spot-prime any loose paint, applying a special primer to ensure proper adhesion of the top coat paint applied.

Carpentry Repairs

After the house painting prep procedure, and because of our thorough inspection of the home, we are now aware of every piece of rotting or damaged wood that is on the home, if any.  At this time, there will be a detailed list made of all these areas and presented to the home owner to discuss all options for repair.  We are able to do any repair necessary with our highly qualified carpentry team.

Exterior House Painting

After washing, prepping, and carpentry repair, it is now time to paint. We use top quality paints, such as Sherwin Williams, Duran, Glidden, Benjamin Moore, etc.  All products are applied exactly in accordance with manufacturers specifications.  Before painting begins, all areas around the paint job that are not to be painted are carefully covered with drop cloths and plastic.  there are many ways to apply paint: spray, roll, or brush.  Every house is different so at the time of painting we determine what will be the most efficient and economical way to produce the best results.

Interior House Painting Preparation

For many home owners, the thought of a bunch of painters in your home can be intimidating or disconcerting.  We keep the crew small: two or three men for interior work, and all of our painting crew members are friendly and speak English. We confine our work areas to small segments of the home at a time to minimize disruption of your daily life and home.  We are very respectful of the homeowner’s concerns and we take extra efforts in maintaining a clean working area at all times.

  • Step 1: We carefully cover all floors and furniture with clean plastic and drop cloths as well as seal off all doorways of the room being painted to contain dust and paint fumes.
  • Step 2: We carefully inspect the walls for any sheet rock repair (i.e. stress cracks, dings, and nail pops).
  • Step 3: After the sheet rock walls are prepared, we then inspect all trim for cracks and holes which at that time we would caulk and putty, prepping the room for sanding.  After all prep work is done, walls and trim would be sanded, vacuumed, and dusted, preparing all surfaces for paint.
  • Step 4: Now it’s time to paint the room.  We would apply top quality materials to both walls and trim.  Once completed, all tape, plastic, drop cloths, etc. would be cleaned up.  After all plastic and tape has been pulled, while furniture is still in the middle of the room, we would vacuum all the floors.  Then, all furniture will be carefully put back in it’s place.  Now the room is complete.